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We select only proven brands that regularly develop their technologies and offer equipment without unnecessary consumables. In our product portfolio you can find a product of any price category, both for a start-up business and for a large network of medical centres.

MCL30 Dermablate

MCL30 Dermablate

Solid-state erbium laser.

New Janus Pro Sunlike

Janus Pro Sunlike

Comprehensive 3D skin diagnostics in 4 spectra

Gynecological platform EmpowerRF

Gynecological platform EmpowerRF

Universal platform for gynecological practice.

New Dermablate


The first and sole erbium laser (2940 nm) on the market for aesthetic medicine and dermatology.

New QuadroStarPro FAMILY

QuadroStarPro FAMILY

A line of compact desktop lasers for the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions.

New NanoStar Family

NanoStar Family

Nanosecond hybrid lasers with three different wavelengths: 1064 nm, 532 nm and 694 nm for removing tattoos of all colors, various pigmented lesions and for skin rejuvenation.



Picosecond laser for the removal of tattoos, pigmented lesions, permanent makeup and for rejuvenation procedures.

New MeDioStar Monolith

MeDioStar Monolith

Universal diode technology for laser hair removal. Futuristic design with the latest developments.

New BodyLab


The body-forming system that uses FMS technology (focused electromagnetic stimulation).

New Body shaping Evolve

Body shaping Evolve

Non-invasive newest solution for skin and body remodeling (hands-free).

Surgical Platform BodyTite

Surgical Platform BodyTite

RFAL technology — RF liposuction with simultaneous aspiration and skin reduction up to 40%.

Inmode Aesthetic platform­

Inmode Aesthetic platform­

Combines lasers, IPL, RF, micro needling, vacuum, electroporation. Integration in accordance with the clinic needs.