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Inomedis is the official representative of the world's leading manufacturers of medical equipment and medical devices for aesthetic medicine, cosmetology, dermatology, gynecology, and plastic surgery since 2013.

Our mission is to help specialists in the aesthetic medicine industry in choosing the right solution among the abundance of possible varieties of innovative equipment.

Our goal is to become a company which is your guide in the world of medical equipment, to be an educational platform for communication and learning, where you can get practical lessons on working with equipment, find answers to your questions and choose the solution that best suits your request.

Working in the segment of aesthetic medicine, our company wants to provide not only exceptional service, but also to be a reliable friend and mentor for our clients.

Hesitation and fear are the enemies of people, which do not allow us to develop and improve our life. We have seen many doctors who refuse to work on the latest high-tech equipment just because they do not clearly know how to do it. We met many patients in clinics and salons who avoided modern procedures only because no one informed them of the effectiveness and possible result.

The main value for us is not the fact of a transaction and shipment of equipment to the client, but close interaction before and after making a decision to cooperate with us. The value for us is long-term cooperation with clients, who later become our friends and ambassadors, sharing their positive experience and passing our contacts by word of mouth.

Work with us after the conclusion of the contract is just beginning, and our support and provision of the necessary marketing and clinical materials does not end there. Our technical staff will assist and fix any problem in the shortest possible time, because we understand that every minute is worth money.

The value for the client is full consulting and step-by-step support of the client from the moment the idea of ​​a business arises, the calculation of its financial component, the selection of optimal equipment so that the business becomes profitable and the client reaches the breakeven point as quickly as possible.

Training specialists for the work and proper operation of a new device is an important marketing component. Only by clearly understanding how to handle the device to achieve the desired effect, the staff will be ready to recommend procedures to clients and the equipment will become in demand.


clinics in Northern and Eastern Europe, Baltics and West Africa are already successfully cooperating and developing their business with us.


of doctors underwent training based on training centers (academies) of manufacturing plants and prestigious clinics in Belarus, the Baltic States, Israel and Italy.


branch offices of Inomedis in different regions and countries: Northern and Eastern Europe, Baltics and West Africa. The work is carried out in 8 languages. The company was registered in 2014.


of the doctors attended our conferences, practical workshops and seminars and were acquainted with the technologies and novelties of modern medicine.


of our doctors are certified clinical trainers and are making presentations in the CIS and Baltic countries. Our partners take part in the world's largest congresses: IMCAS, AMWC, 5CC, EADV.


annual global conferences with the involvement of reputable, international speakers.

Development plans

During this period from foundation Inomedis has developed branches in five different countries. Our strategic development plan includes the following projects:

  • developing our network, opening of representative office in the Scandinavian region;
  • developing of the product portfolio and cooperation with new global manufacturers of medical equipment;
  • implementation of a partner zone on the platform of website, where customers, having logged in, will be able to have full access to marketing materials and necessary documents;

  • launch of its own educational platform Inomedis Academy, within which trainings, seminars and workshops for beauty industry specialists will be organized;
  • become the organizer of a large-scale conference in the aesthetic medical industry in the Baltics.

Our team

As an international company that operates all over the world and has no geographical restrictions, our team is international. We are all very different in our roots and nationalities, but we are united by common qualities - this is love for our work, respect for our clients and the desire to provide a service, as a result of which Inomedis clients would become our ambassadors forever.

Evgeni Vainshtein Founder of the company, CEO
Olga Gitsevich Administrative manager
Boris Sorokin Head of Service Department
Olga Pankova Financial Specialist