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These Terms and Conditions are the terms and conditions of use of the website of SIA «Inomedis Aesthetic Group», registration number 40203138358, registered office at Meža prospekts 12-1, Jūrmala, LV-2010, registered office at G.Astras iela 1С, 2nd floor, Riga, LV-1084 (hereinafter referred to as the «Terms and Conditions»). By accessing and using this website, you agree to these Terms. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for an explanation of the practices and policies of Inomedis Aesthetic Group Ltd, registration number 40203138358 (hereinafter – Inomedis) regarding the collection, use and storage of our users' personal data.


1.1. The Terms apply through the website (the «Site»). The Site is a pay-per-use information website providing paid services and selling products in the field of technological aesthetic medicine.
1.2. Inomedis determines the price for the Information taking into account the request of each particular User and the scope of work.
1.3. The Site is administered by Inomedis.
1.4. Inomedis has the right to add new clauses to the Terms, to amend them or to exclude them from the Terms. Amendments to the Terms shall come into force upon publication, unless otherwise stated in the amendment to the Terms.
1.5. The Terms are freely and without charge available on the Site.
1.6. The Rules are protected by intellectual property rights, international intellectual property rights, treaties and agreements. Inomedis is the owner of all rights in the content of the Site, including copyrights, intellectual property rights, trademarks, Inomedis group company names, trade secrets, and/or has the exclusive right to use it.


2.1. Inomedis shall use its best endeavours to ensure the proper functioning of the Site and to keep the Site up and running.
2.2. Inomedis shall have the right to change the Site, its functions, the services provided, the name of the Site and/or the Internet domain where the Site can be accessed, any content of the Site or any part thereof at any time and without any special notice to the User. The User understands and agrees that the Company will not be held liable for any negative consequences caused to the User by such and other similar actions.
2.3. Inomedis shall have the right, without separate notice to the User, to engage third parties to perform any activities related to these Terms and to assign to third parties its rights and obligations arising under these Terms or any part thereof.
2.4. Inomedis has the right to terminate the Site at any time without notice.
2.5. Inomedis reserves the right at any time without prior notice to suspend or restrict User's access to the Site if:
2.5.1. it is necessary in the cases provided for by the laws and other legal acts of the Republic of Latvia or in fulfilling the requirements of a competent authority;
2.5.2. it is necessary to protect the rights and legitimate interests of Inomedis or third parties;
2.5.3. it is necessary because the User, by using the Services, has created or may create a risk to the safety of other users of the Site;
2.5.4. it is necessary because Inomedis wishes and/or needs to carry out technical operations, updating of the Site;
2.5.5. by using the Site, the User damages the Site and/or the reputation of the Site.


3.1. By using the Site, the User undertakes to comply with and not to violate the requirements of law and the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, including laws governing the protection of intellectual property, the protection of personal data and others.
3.2. The User may not use the Site in a manner that could jeopardise the proper functioning of the services provided by the Company, the security of the Site's servers, data security or limit the Site's ability to properly provide any services to other persons. Not to use malware or other unwanted content.
3.3. The User undertakes to provide correct and sufficient information about himself when making purchases or registering for loyalty programmes, including his real name, telephone number, e-mail address and other necessary information.
3.4. The User must store the login data in such a way that it is not accessible to third parties, except for persons authorised by the User to represent the User for the use of the Site. Notify immediately if the User's login data and/or password required to use the Site have been lost or become known to third parties.
3.5. The User understands that in the event that the User's login data becomes known to third parties, such third parties may enter into obligations which will become binding on the User, who undertakes to accept and duly comply with such obligations. Inomedis shall have no obligation to verify the identity of any User.
3.6. Inomedis processes and manages the User's personal data in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, Inomedis Privacy Policy. Given that the Privacy Policy contains important provisions of the Terms, we recommend that the User reads it carefully to make sure that all the provisions of the Privacy Policy are understandable and acceptable to the User.
3.7. If the User detects improper operation of the Site and (or) malfunctions in the operation of the Site, he/she shall immediately inform Inomedis thereof.
3.8. The User may not publish the Information in other places and/or websites without the permission of Inomedis.


4.1. Inomedis shall not be liable for any technical, security or other malfunction of the Site software or hardware that may be caused by the use of the Site (cookies, viruses, etc.).
4.2. Any content that is downloadable or otherwise obtainable through the Site may be downloaded by the User at the User's sole risk and any damage to the User's computer system or device or loss of data resulting from such downloading or use of the Services shall be at the User's sole risk.
4.3. Except where required by law, Inomedis shall not be liable in any way for any damages, including consequential damages or loss of profits, income or the like, arising out of the use of the Site or arising out of the User's reliance on the Site or information obtained through the Site.
4.4. Inomedis shall not be liable for services not provided or not provided in time to the User due to the fault of third parties, such as Internet, mobile communication providers, e-mail service providers.
4.5. The User is responsible for the correct use and storage of the login data. Inomedis shall not be liable for any damages that the User may suffer as a result of the use of this information by third parties.
4.6. The Site may contain links to third party websites that are not owned by Inomedis. The links are provided for the convenience of our customers and Inomedis has no control over the linked sites, nor does Inomedis evaluate the content of such sites or assume any responsibility for the content, use of or access to such sites.


5.1. The operation of the Site shall be carried out in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Latvia. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with the operation of the Site shall be settled by negotiation, but if no agreement can be reached - in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Latvia.
5.2. In addition to the Terms, the laws of the Republic of Latvia, special terms and conditions, as well as customary business practices shall apply to regulate the relationship between the User and the Site.
5.3. If any provision of these Terms is contrary to law or becomes invalid in whole or in part for any reason, it shall not invalidate all other provisions of these Terms.
5.4. The User must first submit any claim and/or complaint regarding the operation of the Site and the Services to Inomedis in writing. Claims and (or) complaints should be sent to the e-mail address, indicating your name, e-mail address, as well as describing the improper operation of the Site, error, malfunction and (or) the like, as well as the date (time) and duration, if possible.
The rules apply from 26 January 2023