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New Cooltech


Device for cryolipolysis, working with 2 applicators at the same time.

New Cooltech Define

Cooltech Define

Device for cryolipolysis, working with 4 applicators at the same time.

New Primelase Excellence

Primelase Excellence

New-generation multifunctional diode laser.

New Venus Bliss™

Venus Bliss™

Non-invasive laser lipolysis system for local fat deposits removal and cellulite reduction.

New Venus Glow™

Venus Glow™

Device for deep skin cleansing based on the dermabrasion 3-in-1 technology.

New StarFormer®


High intensity Tesla magnetic stimulation (HITS™) device.

New Venus Legacy™

Venus Legacy™

Physiotherapy machine with patented VariPulse™ and (MP)2 technologies.

New Venus Viva™

Venus Viva™

Compact device for RF-resurfacing and lifting.

New icoone laser med

icoone laser med

Microalveolar massage enhanced by laser and light.

Z Lipo

Z Lipo

Device for the removal of local fat deposits and body shaping by the method of non-invasive cryolipolysis.

Cryo 6

Cryo 6

State-of-the-art device for local cryotherapy.

Inomedis offers premium-class medical physiotherapy devices. These are CE and FDA certified devices from well-known manufacturers such as icoone (Italy), Sinclair (Spain), Venus Concept (Israel), Zimmer (Germany), and others. They are effective in treating various illnesses and are applied in rehabilitation programs and aesthetic medicine.

Physiotherapy Equipment

Our catalog includes equipment for:

  • Cryolipolysis.

  • Air cryotherapy.

  • Magnetic stimulation.

  • Multimicroalveolar stimulation.

  • Skin cleansing through hydrodermabrasion.

These devices and systems allow for procedures targeting facial rejuvenation, removal of pigmented spots and hair, acne treatment, stimulation of blood flow and collagen production in the skin, inflammation reduction, and pain relief.

Advantages of Inomedis

Inomedis adheres to a comprehensive approach: our managers select equipment for specific tasks, calculate profitability, provide staff training, and offer marketing support. Service engineers maintain the devices in a licensed service center. Purchases can be arranged through interest-free installment plans.

For consultation, please contact our manager at +37 16 617 22 22 or email You can also submit an online request on our website.
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