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ATBM Master

ATBM Master

Skin diagnostics using artificial intelligence.

Full body scan, detection of neoplasms, evaluation of the effectiveness of aesthetic treatments, automatic whole body photographing with and without polarization, new neoplasms software search, integration of survey and dermatoscopic examination; uniformity of imaging conditions, perfect "before and after" pictures, analysis of formations for malignancy, trichoscopy.

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Standard in the early skin cancer diagnosis

Standard in the early skin cancer diagnosis

Melanoma often occurs out of the blue and without any background. That is why standardized full body photography, combined with dermatoscopic analysis, is the best method for comprehensive monitoring of patients at high risk of skin cancer. FotoFinder's fully automated ATBM System is a unique standard that offers patients much more than simple photo or video documentation. The system effectively controls the entire surface of the body skin and monitors the dynamics of each individual neoplasm.

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