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TightWave® и IntimaWave®

High intensity Tesla magnetic stimulation (HITS™) device.

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How it works

How it works

TightWave® uses intensity Tesla magnetic stimulation technology (HITS ™) to selectively target muscle tissues. Magnetic pulses harmlessly penetrate into the muscle layers causing them to automatically contract. The end result is increased muscle mass.

IntimaWave®. The magnetic applicators in the chair stimulate muscle contraction in the entire pelvic floor area, increasing the strength and endurance of the pelvic floor. The result is effective and long-term relief of uncontrolled urine flow.


вody sculpting: trengthening, shaping and firming different areas of the body
stress incontinence
urge incontinence
mixed urinary incontinence
fecal incontinence
postpartum rehabilitation
pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation after surgery
chronic prostatitis
erectile dysfunction
problems due to poor circulation

Technology StarFormer®

Two TightWave® applicators

Two TightWave® applicators

The treatment is performed with the patient lying down fully clothed. One session generally lasts between 20 to 30 minutes with patients resuming their daily activities immediately after treatment. The nozzles are suitable for use on: glutes, abdomen, hamstring area, arms, back muscles.

Chair IntimaWave®

Chair IntimaWave®

IntimaWave® is gentle and fast, and no patient preparation is needed. During treatment the patient remains fully clothed and sits on a comfortable IntimaWave® chair. The generated magnetic pulses harmlessly pass through the patient’s clothing, skin and bone, reaching otherwise inaccessible tissue. The therapy is non-invasive, painless and with no known side effects.

Calculation of expected return

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Calculation of expected return