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Z Lipo

Z Lipo

Device for the removal of local fat deposits and body shaping by the method of non-invasive cryolipolysis.

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The Z Lipo System

The Z Lipo System

  • 10 levels of vacuum power
  • 2 modes of vacuum operation: continuous and pulse
  • Wide operating temperature range based on the physical characteristics and wishes of each patient
  • 5 applicators of different sizes for different areas, including the chin
  • Possibility to use 2 applicators at the same time and process several zones in one session, setting its own parameters for each zone. This reduces the duration of the procedure and the number of visits to the doctor.

How it works?

  • The fat fold drawn into a special vacuum applicator, due to which it cooled from both sides at once
  • Prolonged cooling of fat cells causes their death, but the surrounding tissues do not suffer
  • Double exposure (low temperature and vacuum) destroys fatty tissue from the inside
  • Decay products excreted from the body independently through the lymphatic system

Z Lipo + Z Wave

Ice and shock challenge to unwanted body fat! The perfect combination of cryolipolysis with shock wave therapy. It has been proven, that if immediately after the cryolipolysis treatment, when the fat cell is frozen and turned into a crystal, it is immediately broken (shattered) using shock wave therapy, then small particles of adipocytes are removed from the body faster and the cryolipolysis procedure becomes much more effective.

Z Lipo + Z Wave

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