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Janus Pro Sunlike

Janus Pro Sunlike

Comprehensive 3D skin diagnostics in 4 spectra

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The device allows for skin diagnostics in 18 parameters using an advanced system of Sunlike LED and UV LED 385 nm

The device allows for skin diagnostics in 18 parameters using an advanced system of Sunlike LED and UV LED 385 nm

  • Sunlike LED as light source. Sunlight best conveys color, the color-rendering index of Sunlike LED is as close as possible to sunlight, its CRI is 95. Sunlike LED is safe for the human eye.
  • UV LED 385 nm. Short wavelengths close to visible light guarantee safety and show sebum, porphyrin and pigmentation clearly.

Light from 4 different sources distributes uniformly due to patented three-dimensional design of the device:

  • Normal light
  • Cross Polarized light
  • Parallel Polarized light
  • UV light

Janus Pro Sunlike diagnoses the following factors

skin tone
skin texture
nasolabial folds


AI Voice technology

The voice assistant accompanies you and the patient throughout the diagnostic process.

AI Face Recognotion technology

Automatically recognizes position of the face by 70 coordinates during re-diagnosis.


Violeds technology eliminates 99,9% of COVID-19 virus and other germs. Sterilization operates on two modes: permanent sterilization (UV-A) and concentrated sterilization (UV-C).

Grey Card principle for accurate white balance

Used for brightness retention and making shots under the same conditions every time (patent No. 10-2462061).

3D design

For uniform distribution of light source when shooting (patent No. 10-2429443).

Separate USB device

For assessing the moisture estimates of each area of the face.

Analysis and individual diagnostic card

Facial analysis takes only 30 minutes. 

At the end, the system draws up an individual diagnostic card. 

Information in the card is displayed using graphs and pictures for ease of perception of information by the patient. 

At the end of each block in the diagnostic card, the system gives the most accurate and personalized recommendations for the selection of instrumental and cosmetic treatments. 

All data is stored in the program. In the future, the data can be used to compare with the results of treatment and evaluate the result in full. 

Diagnostic card can be sent to the patient’s cell phone.

Analysis and individual diagnostic card

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