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Antera 3D

Antera 3D

Digital 3D skin analysis.

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Digital 3D skin analysis allows

Digital 3D skin analysis allows

  • Assess skin surface
  • Create and compare computer-generated 3D images of skin obtained using multispectral analysis
  • Measure wrinkles depth, the number of pores, the volume of scars and wrinkles
  • Measure the distribution of melanin and hemoglobin in the skin
  • Carry out photographic documentation of the dy-namics of changes before and after
  • Generate a report with graphs of changes before procedures and after


The Antera 3D device exists in three modifications, which differ in functionality

Antera 3D Standart

Used by cosmetologists and aesthetists for highly effective consultations. Allows to determine the severity of wrinkles, texture, pigmentation and vascular component.

Antera 3D Pro

In addition to all the functions implemented by Antera 3D Standart, this modification allows to change the volumes when assessing the condition of the scars, with the introduction of dermal fillers; in addition, pore size analysis can be performed.

Antera 3D CS

Designed for scientific research and for laboratories-manufacturers of cosmetology equipment and cosmeceuticals. Contains a block for advanced polyspectral analysis and colorimetry, volume measurement and topography.


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