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Z Wave

Z Wave

Shockwave therapy for physiotherapy and aesthetic medicine.

New Jet Pro

Jet Pro

Lymphatic drainage massage, 3D massage, gas-liquid peeling, non-injection mesotherapy of the face, scalp and body.

New Regenera Activa

Regenera Activa

A unique system for the preparation of stem cells from patient biomaterial.

New Sterlink FPS-15s Plus

Sterlink FPS-15s Plus

The world’s fastest low temperature plasma sterilizer. Presented in two models for 7 and 14 liters.

Antera 3D

Antera 3D

Digital 3D skin analysis.

New LIPOcel


The sole and unprecedented solution for body contouring using the newest unique on the market HIFU technology.

New Edge ONE

Edge ONE

Multifunctional CO2 laser platform for cosmetic, dermatological, gynecological procedures and small surgical interventions.

New ULTRAcel Q+


The optimal platform for the combined exposure of HIFU and RF technologies targeting all skin layers for achieving maximum result.

Мedicam 1000s

Мedicam 1000s

Video dermatoscope for all types of dermatoscopic examinations.

Dermoscope Vexia

Dermoscope Vexia

Video dermatoscope system FotoFinder dermatoscope vexia.

New Neogen Evo

Neogen Evo

System for nitrogen plasma regeneration.

New Dermalux ­Flex MD

Dermalux ­Flex MD

The newest compact, mobile unit (dome) for procedures on small skin areas.