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Edge ONE

Edge ONE

Edge ONE (30 W) — innovative CO2 fractional laser with a wavelength of 10600 nm. Allows to take advantage of the benefits of ablative resurfacing and the safety of fractional photothermolysis.

CE & FDA certified
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Edge ONE advantages

Edge ONE advantages

Multifunctional CO2 laser platform for cosmetological, dermatological, gynecological treatments and minor surgical interventions. 

  • High peak power (Edge Pulse)
  • A variety of spot sizes
  • Various beam pattern for accurate and convenient work
  • Convenient control of patterns on the scanner
  • Automatic handpiece recognition
  • Reusable gynecological handpiece
  • Lack of consumables
  • Cost effective, fast payback system


fractional ablative skin resurfacing/ whitening
skin tightening
wrinkles removal
pigmented lesions and lentigo removal
removal of neoplasms
resurfacing of scars, including post-acne, burns, hypertrophic
elimination of enlarged pores
removal of stretch marks
urinary incontinence treatment
vagina tightening
intimate plastic
whitening of the labia and other minor surgical interventions
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Calculation of expected return