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Neogen Evo

Neogen Evo

Device for nitrogen-plasma regeneration.

Neogen Evo is an exogenous nitric oxide (NO) therapy that offers clients a completely new, exclusive and highly effective treatment.

CE & FDA certified
Unique technology
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Patented nitrogen plasma technology, spun out from a leading MedTech University, clinically proven with over 30 IRB studies.

Neogen Evo advantages

Neogen Evo advantages

  • No open wounds, no complications
  • Plasma stimulates three-dimensional, not flat collagen
  • The minimum rehabilitation period (from one day to 5)
  • Doctors can tailor treatments to their clients: from a “no pain, no time to rehab” treatment to a high energy treatment with maximum results but a short rehabilitation period
  • Results are comparable to fractional resurfacing with CO2 laser, but with minimal rehabilitation period
  • Neocologenesis and elastosis reduction persists for more than a year after the procedure (confirmed by clinical studies)
  • Plasma treatment with nitric oxide has a bactericidal effect, which eliminates the risks of complications and allows you to treat acne and mycoses, normalizes microcirculation, activates antioxidant protection, improves nerve conduction, regulates apoptosis and prevents pathological scarring, promotes the formation and maturation of granulation tissue


lifting of the upper and lower eyelids — soft blepharoplasty
skin rejuvenation and regeneration
deep and fine wrinkles reduction
treatment of acne and fungal skin lesions
reduction in pore size
removal of pigmented lesions, melisma
smoothing of scar tissue, stretch marks, post-acne
plasma administration of drugs (moisturizing, antibacterial)

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Calculation of expected return