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DermLite DL1

DermLite DL1

The DermLite DL 1 has two illumination modes: cross-polarized light is used for non-contact polarized and contact polarized dermatoscopy and non-polarized light is used for contact non-polarized dermatoscopy. The techniques listed are performed using dual-shift spacers and a filter overlay; the spacers have a contact board with a scale, and the overlay has a clip for attaching the dermatoscope to clothing.

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DermLite adapters

MagnetiConnect® (MCC) Clamp

MCC works with DL4, DL200, DL3N, DL1, Foto X. It installs on any iPad and tablets. Simply swipe the MCC over the main camera of your Android or iOS device and tighten. When you're done, loosen slightly and remove.

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