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Regenera Activa

Regenera Activa

Regenerative therapy using stem cells of the patient's vascular-stromal fraction.

Rigenera® is a patented FDA-approved technology specifically designed for clinical use in regenerative procedures using autologous micrografts from the patient.

Regenera Activa
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Procedure technology

Procedure technology

From the area behind the ear (or the cartilaginous tissue of the ear), the doctor removes a part of the tissue and places it in a disposable cartridge, and then it into a special device. Within 2 minutes, the biomaterial crushed to a size that preserves the viability of all its components: micrografts, extracellular matrix and growth factors.

It is such a viable cellular material, which triggers the process of cell regeneration, is mixed with saline solution and injected with a needle into the therapy zone that requires regeneration. Once in the therapy zone, the resulting suspension begins to restore a healthy vascular environment. Thus, in just one procedure, the Regenera Activa method triggers natural biological regeneration. The results are visible within the first three weeks.


treatment of diffuse type androgenic alopecia in men and women (hereditary alopecia)
thinning hair after stress, cicatricial alopecia
anti-aging therapy
difficult healing wounds (including diabetes mellitus)
cartilage regeneration