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Picosecond laser for the removal of tattoos, pigmented lesions, permanent makeup and for rejuvenation procedures.

The system can operate for a long duration with high speed and without the need of pre-pulses for the user. This makes it one of the fastest and most reliable PICO systems on the market. The ultra-short pulses allow bursting the pigment particles without any thermal side effects or scars.

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 PicoStar advantages

PicoStar advantages

  • Modern design
  • Intuitive interface
  • High power and shortest picosecond pulse — 300 ps
  • 4 wavelengths
  • Automatic handpiece recognition 
  • No pre-pulse

The PicoStar uses the latest technology with the highest power to generate pulses below 300 ps for the most effective treatment of pigments and multicolored tattoos.

A special lens system creates a uniform laser profile beam, creates homogeneous spot on working area this distributing the laser energy in a uniform way on the entire diameter. This allows physician to work in easy, safe and accurate way, with minimal rehabilitation period for the patient.


removal of professional and amateur tattoos of any color
removal of pigmented lesions
removal and correction of permanent makeup
laser rejuvenation


ZOOM ST (1064/532 nm)

ZOOM ST (1064/532 nm)

Spot size Ø 2–5 mm. Automatic spot size detection. Rotating ring allows easy adjust spot size. Customizable energy settings for different spot sizes. Adjustable radiation flux for different spot sizes.

MicroSpot PICO Handpiece

MicroSpot PICO Handpiece

64 individual spots on a 7×7 mm2 area, wavelength 1064 nm. Perfect beam profile with uniform energy over the entire spot area ensures high-quality of the treatment. Perfectly square area. The same size of each microbeam — 200 nm. Energy 800 mJ.

Flat-top Performance Set

Flat-top Performance Set

Uniform energy throughout the spot and at all wavelengths — 1064 nm and 532 nm. The largest spot size on the market with uniform energy density at 1064 nm wavelength — 16 mm. Uniform energy profile prevents hot spots and guarantees safe and effective treatment. Automatic handpiece detection.